“Financial Fitness Track & Save”

Brand new from LIFE Leadership is the “Financial Fitness Track & Save Program”.

Financial Fitness Tracker
You will get all of the following:
> Track Your Income & Expenses
> Monthly or YTD Reports
> Export data to your tax software
> Stay on Track to your Financial Freedom

Financial Fitness Saver
You will get all of the following:
> Save on your everyday purchases
> Receive monthly specials
> Printable or Digital Coupons
> Available in North America only

Sign up for “Track and Save” now and get amazing discounts on any purchase you make (Restaurants, Shopping, Entertainment, Hotel & Resorts, Automotive, etc.. in your area) for only $24.99 a month. When you sign up be sure to use Referral ID: 61327984.

Track & Save


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“Remember Those Who Gave It All”

The sun is shining, birds are singing, kids are running around laughing, and the steaks and brats are on the grill. You’ve planned a fun-filled weekend with family and friends making memories and having fun. But there is much more to what this weekend represents.

As we enter this Memorial Day weekend here in America, remember that it’s not all about what I mentioned above. It’s because of the sacrifices our men and women in military gave, so you and I can have the freedom to enjoy all of those things.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” – 40th US President, Ronald Reagan

I love this flag and the country it represents. I love the freedoms that men and women have sacrificed their lives for. I love that we can wave these colors “Red, White, & Blue” and remember what struggles it took to get this flag.

Remember the soldiers who gave their lives for us on this Memorial Day (Monday May 25th, 2015),

God bless you and God bless America!!

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LIFE Leadership Financial Fitness Pack



With the New Year coming up, people will be making their “resolutions”. Why not make a resolution to improve your finances. The Financial Fitness pack from LIFE Leadership will teach you how to develop and lead your finances from the front.

You have the power to improve your finances, develop financial fitness, and positively impact the lives of those in your community and nation. and the time to take action is now. Make 2015 a year for a better life!

Contact me for more information or click the link below to order your Financial Fitness pack now!



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Financial Fitness for Teens

LIFE Leadership’s Financial Fitness program has been a successful top-selling program, and now they have released the new Financial Fitness for Teens program.

“This information is everything that adults wished they had learned in high school. With the release of Financial Fitness for Teens, any hungry student will will learn it.” – Orrin Woodward

Financial Fitness for Teens handles this crucial but often forgotten topic in an exciting way that shows youth how simple it is to take charge of their finances. Give the next generation a head start on mastering their money! Don’t you wish someone had told you when you were a teen?!

Contact Me to get a copy and get your teens started off right, today!

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Are You Up For The Challenge?

Just had a nice deep conversation with my bro/cuz Jimmy Pardee about life, goals, and breaking through the roadblocks to success. Figured out the theme for my life is “Am I Up For The Challenge?”. At 40 years old, I’ve come to a time in my life where I have to really dig deep and find the real meaning of why I want to succeed…then take the challenge and achieve success. Watching the video of Jackie Lewis’s funeral, I’m reminded that the dash ” – ” in our life is the most crucial time we have before we’re called home to be with our Lord Jesus. I’m making the choice that “I’m up for the challenge”….are you?

…To be continued…

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Encouragement and Having a Dream

~I have always been encouraged to follow my dreams and told that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, since I was a kid. Well, I didn’t always put my mind to the best things for my life, but I did however believe that I can achieve whatever it was that I set out to do.

From the age of 3 or 4, I loved music. I first learned the guitar at age 9 and wrote my first song at 14. Got into my first band at 19 and have been a musician up to this point at age 40. So I can honestly say that I actually put my mind to learning music and the art of it, and then walked the path I dreamed of walking. By trade, or skill, I am a musician. Ask anybody that knows me or knows of me and they will tell you the same thing.

Why do I say all of this? Because not very many people in this world have a dream. Or maybe they weren’t encouraged enough or at all in their life, so they never put forth the effort to achieve the potential that they had, or even have.

New York Times best-selling author and LIFE Leadership founder, Orrin Woodward, states that “The limiting factor on your success is not the size of the obstacles, but the size of your dream.” If we don’t have a dream in life, then we have nothing. Everybody needs to have a dream for their life. It’s never too late to do it.

In order to achieve real success, we must go through a process of “DREAM – STRUGGLE – VICTORY”. A great example would be, you walk into a room and people are weeping while watching a movie and you can’t understand why. Now, you only caught the end where the man and woman ride off into the sunset hand in hand. What you didn’t see is the DREAM the couple had, the STRUGGLE they went through to get their dream to happen. Then finally they achieved the VICTORY of getting together. Cheesy? Yeah maybe… but not a bad scenario.

So, I want to encourage you that you can achieve your dreams if you first of all, have a dream…put your mind into achieving that dream and then go live the dream you have. If you don’t have an encourager to cheer you on, then find one. Heck, I’ll even be one for you!

Thank you very much and go live the LIFE you’ve always wanted!!

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Getting By or Succeeding…It’s your choice!!

~So all of my life I have been “getting by”. Whether it is in my finances, my health, or whatever…I’ve always done “just enough”. I sit here and realize that it has always been a trend. My parents (God bless them, I love and miss them, and may they RIP) always got by in life as well. I am learning through LIFE Leadership that there is more to life than just skating through and getting by.

I’ve read posts on my Facebook account from friends and family members how life sucks and they seem to be giving in to it always being that way. Why!? I’ll tell you why….because they don’t know how to get out of the rut. Nobody ever taught them, just like nobody ever taught me.

Good news people…it doesn’t have to end that way!!

We have the ability to changes our lives from where we’re at to where we truly want to be. It starts with our thinking. Our brains are like a computer…information in, results out. If we feed ourselves the wrong information (ie: “This is just the way it is, so I might as well get used to it”), then that is what our outcome will be.

I’m not trying to sell you anything here, but the truth of knowing that you are worth more than the situation you’re in. Plus, if you change the information coming in, you can change the results going out and they will be better results.

I am implementing this into my life currently and I believe that there is progress happening in my life because of it. I’m not all the way where I want to be yet, but thank God I’m not where I was.

God bless you all and I pray you get to live the LIFE you’ve always wanted!!

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LIFE Seminar “Team 10” and “Go-Getter”

Last Saturday, May 11, 2013 was the LIFE Seminar for May 2013 at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw, MI. I went with my mentors and leaders Bob and Cindy Wilcox and their daughter Carissa Lundgren. This is the second LIFE seminar that I have been to and this one was just as good as the last, except this time I had the privilege to walk across the stage during the recognition’s.

The reason I was able to walk across the stage this month was because I made “Team 10”. This means I had 10 tickets for seminars flowing through my team last month. Not only did I get to walk across once, but twice. The next reason was because I made what is called “Go-Getter”. The term “Go-Getter” means that I had shown the LIFE plan 15 times in a month. These are very important steps in becoming “Power Player” (which means you have a team of 10 & 5). This is what I aim to accomplish this month. The nice thing is, I don’t have to do all of this alone. With LIFE’s “Team Approach”, this can be achieved quickly from the entire team working together.

Reading, Listening, and Associating in this business is very important as well. I have been doing all three and it is showing. It’s also very cool to see my team members doing the same thing as well. We all do this and grow together in our personal and professional lives. The goal is to become leaders in every area of our life, and do it with excellence.

I must acknowledge my mentors and leaders Bob (Cindy) Wilcox, and congratulate them for becoming “Power Players”. This month they are shooting for Director status, and I believe that with the help of their upline and downline, they will achieve it. They deserve it!! Here is a picture of them with their Crusader shield for “Power Player”.


I’m proud to be a LIFE member and look forward to the continuous growth and the freedom that is coming soon. I encourage my fellow team members to keep Reading, Listening, and Associating. Together we can accomplish all of our dreams and goals.

Thanks and God Bless!!!

Crusaders…..”Today’s The Day”

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CRUSADERS!! … Today’s The Day!!!

WHAT?, you ask? Crusaders is the name of the team I happen to be on in the LIFE business. Our motto is “Today’s The Day.” I am so proud to be on such an amazing team. My personal team leader and mentor is a very good friend of mine and a brother in Christ by the name of Bob Wilcox, and his wife Cindy. He is an amazing leader, as well as, a mentor and friend. Another upline leader we have is a guy by the name of Larry Allswede, and his wife Stacey. Larry was the center snare for Michigan State University and then again for the Detroit Pistons. I had the opportunity to watch Larry bond with my best bud/cousin Jimmy Pardee (AMAZING drummer himself) one night. Jimmy and his wife Tera are also on our team. Then there is our other upline leader Holger Spiewak,  and his wife Lindsey. These two amazing people care so much for their teams and it shows. Their leadership is truly one I am proud to be under and hope to achieve some of the great things they have achieved in LIFE.

I for one am excited to watch my team that I’m on grow and grow. People are hungry for information to better themselves and their lives. We have some great top-notch information to get to the people of America. If we all, as a nation, got on board and become leaders in our own lives, I believe (just like our founders and the rest of the team members of the LIFE organization), that we can turn this country around and get it back on the track it was originally meant to be on.

I want to personally thank my downline team for the work and time you have put in to help make this grow. Thanks to Evan, Rusty & Donna, Clint & Melinda, Jimmy & Tera, and Barney & Mary. Let’s keep it going team!!

To all of you out their looking for solutions to your problems…I hope you all seek what you need to look for and find it. If you’re looking and can’t seem to find the answers you seek, come to my LIFE door and knock, I’ll open and let y’all in. You’ll enjoy what we have in store for you.

That’s all I have for tonight…getting sleepy.

Goodnight and God Bless!!

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Welcome Back…and Welcome to LIFE!!

Hey there, I’ve been gone from here for a while and now I’m back. I will now be using this blog for my journey through LIFE. Yes some of you know what I’m talking about, but some don’t. I am now an Independent LIFE Member of a great Leadership network of some amazing people or “Communities” as we call it in the LIFE business. You will see me post different things that pertain to this business. I’m so glad that you are here with me and hope you jump in on the journey I’m taking. I am getting ready to live the LIFE I’ve always wanted and you can too…how??…well you are in the right place!!

I look forward to teaching you about this and am hopeful that you join me here. Here is my personal website for LIFE. www.the-team.biz/39957540




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